Aleś Bialacki became an honorary member of PEN Norway

Last update: 16 May 2024
Aleś Bialacki became an honorary member of PEN Norway

On May 15, political prisoner, human rights defender and member of PEN Belarus Aleś Bialacki became an honorary member of PEN Norway.

PEN Norway states:

“Aleś Bialacki is called the “pillar of the human rights movement in Eastern Europe”, he has been promoting democracy and human rights in Belarus since the 1980s. His commitment to democracy and human rights inspires millions of people, including those who work at PEN Norway. The Nobel laureate is appointed an honorary member because he is constantly fighting for himself and his freedom, as well as for everyone who wants a democratic future in Belarus – and this fight requires our support.”

Aleś’s wife Natalla Pinčuk was present at the awarding of the honorary title. Natalla does not know whether Aleś will be able to receive the message in prison, but still believes that it will give him strength:

“By appointing Aleś an honorary member of PEN Norway, you show him solidarity, support and recognition. I don’t know when it will be possible to deliver the news, but this appointment testifies to the community among writers – and to the fact that the whole free world remembers him. PEN Norway becomes the voice of Aleś in the world, which means that all attempts to silence Aleś are meaningless.”

PEN Belarus calls to support Aleś and other Belarusian political prisoners around the world.

You can learn more about People of Word in Prison and Aleś Bialacki on our website.