People of Word (36)

People of Word (36)

People of word – Belarusian writers, translators, and literary researchers, publicists, intellectuals, and those who create and expand culture, protect the word and its masters.

The Belarusian PEN sees its mission as creating a space for the development of culture, dialogue, and the realization of creator’s potential, protecting the civil and cultural rights and freedoms of the People of Word.

Belarusian PEN continues to fight against hate speech and draws international attention to human rights violations in Belarus, including cultural rights. In times of crisis and uncertainty, Belarusian PEN responds to the regime’s attempts to divide society by calling for unity and dialogue among the People of Word. Through their activities, they contribute to the realization of the goals of the Belarusian PEN and share the principles and values of the Belarusian PEN and the core documents of the Belarusian PEN and the PEN International.

Since 1996, the Belarusian PEN has been a member of the ″Writers in Prison Committee″ founded in 1960 by the Assembly of Delegates of the International PEN. The necessity of such a committee is explained by the increasing attempts by authorities worldwide to silence writers and journalists by restricting their freedom.

As of January 31, 2024, there are no fewer than 35 People of the Word in detention, and no fewer than 158 cultural figures in detention (about 10% of all political prisoners).

Cultural figures persecuted for political reasons experience harsh and inhumane treatment, are in a state of constant restrictions, pressure, without contact with family and lawyers. Often, relatives have no information for months.

Aksana Jučkavič

Poet, organizer of cultural events, journalist, author of the children’s poetry collection “Saint Nichola...

Alaksandr Ilin

Alaksandr Ilin is a songwriter and vocalist of the band “Nizkiz.” The rock band “Nizkiz” from...

Aleh Katsapau

Aleh Katsapau is a writer, poet, and social activist. He was born in Homel in 1969. He graduated from the philologica...

Alaksiej Navahrodski

Alaksiej Navahrodski (born Chekavy) was born in 1975 in the village of Papernya in the Lida district. He worked as a ...

Natalla Sivickaja

Natalla Sivickaja – candidate of philological sciences, author of the book "Names of Garments in different Belarusian...

Nadzieja Staravojtava

Nadzieja Staravojtava – writer, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the Department of Belarusi...

Dźmitryj Hałavač

Songwriter, vocalist, and member of Tor Band, a rock group from Rahačoŭ.

Łarysa Ščyrakova

Born on April 3, 1973. Journalist, local historian, documentary filmmaker, popularizer of history and culture, perfor...

Ihar Karniej

The journalist, essayist, author of texts about the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus, and travel blogger.

Jana Cehła

Writer, author of fairy tales, journalist of Litaratura i mastactva newspaper, and founder of a magazine about young ...

Ivan (Jan) Marozaŭ

Wiki-author, one of the initiators of Belarusian-language activity in LiveJournal, known under the nickname hondurazian.

Zmicier Bajarovič

Photographer, journalist, writer, author of poems and prose collection "Shali" (2012).