Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters demand the release of Olga Kalackaja

A well-known Belorussian translator Volga Kalackaja has been arrested in Belarus!

We demand the release of our colleague Olga Kalackaja and charges dropped. Repressive measures by the Belarusian Government against artists and those engaged in peaceful protest violate the civil court of human rights and should cease.

Volga Kalackaja was detained in her home in 15th January 2021 under Article 342 Criminal Code of Belarus, “Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them”.

She is now facing unfounded charges and a possible three years in prison.

Kalackaja is a talented individual and valued member of the community, having translated into Belarusian Virginia Woolf, Tennessee Williams, William Golding, Paul Oster, Tony Parsons, Arthur Golden and others. The translations were published in the magazines “Krynitsa”, “Dziejaslov” and “ARCHE”. She has also translated films and cartoons into Belarusian.

Olga strongly believes in freedom to express your views and that world classics and bestsellers should be translated into the Belarusian language.

Since the mass protests began in Belarus, shortly after the 2020 presidential election, Volga Kalackaja has legally participated in peaceful demonstrations.

Not only has Volga’s freedom been impinged, according to PEN Belarus, since the beginning of the election campaign in Belarus, there have been more than 600 cases of cultural rights violations, including against PEN Belarus members and staff. The president of PEN Belarus, writer and Nobel prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich, has faced continuous harassment, forcing her to leave the country.

We the peaceful translators and interpreters for the world respectful request that Volga is released without harm to lead her natural peaceful life undertaking important translating work for the Belarusian good.

Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters

Translators In Action (TIA)