People of Word (32)
17 August 2023

Dźmitryj Hałavač

Songwriter, vocalist, and member of Tor Band, a rock group from Rahačoŭ.
17 August 2023

Łarysa Ščyrakova

Born on April 3, 1973. Journalist, local historian, documentary filmmaker, popularizer of history and culture, performer of folk songs, reconstructor of folk rites, coordinator of the project to honor the memory of the repressed Killed and Forgotten.
31 July 2023

Ihar Karniej

The journalist, essayist, author of texts about the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus, and travel blogger.
2 June 2023

Jana Cehła

Writer, author of fairy tales, journalist of Litaratura i mastactva newspaper, and founder of a magazine about young Belarusian art Maskarad.
2 May 2023

Ivan (Jan) Marozaŭ

Wiki-author, one of the initiators of Belarusian-language activity in LiveJournal, known under the nickname hondurazian.
27 April 2023

Mikita Najdzionaŭ

Poet, musician, translator, author of the poetry volume Raźvitancy (Minsk: Knihazbor, 2016), former frontman of the band Hurma, author of a number of songs for various artists.
17 April 2023

Zmicier Bajarovič

Photographer, journalist, writer, author of poems and prose collection "Shali" (2012).
30 January 2023

Dźmitryj Jurtajeŭ

Children's poet (pen name Zmitrok Buračok), showman, former teacher at Smart School, private school in Minsk.
25 January 2023

Vacłaŭ Areška

Culturologist, editor.
25 January 2023

Alaksiej Ilinčyk

Bard, poet (stage name Leshy)