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Alaksiej Navahrodski

Last update: 2 February 2024
Alaksiej Navahrodski

Alaksiej Navahrodski (born Chekavy) was born in 1975 in the village of Papernya in the Lida district.

He worked as a system administrator and director at TDA “Philosophy.” During this time, he changed his surname to the current one.

He lived in Poland and Germany, working in the IT field.

In 2020, he published the short story “Hand in Hand with the Antichrist,” followed by “Ilya and His Team Against the Aliens” in 2021, and “Hand in Hand with an Angel” in 2022.

On December 18, 2023, a closed trial began in the Grodno Regional Court over Alaksiej Navahrodski under Article 356 of the Criminal Code (treason to the state).